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What our clients are saying...



“YOU’RE THE BEST! Now I don’t have to work later or tomorrow.”

Brandi Gomez / SWBC Mortgage


“Chris, you have been the best appraiser I've worked with. Thanks for being so good to us”.

 Lauren Ayotte / Loan Officer Assistant for Chip Thompson


“Mr. Smith was very nice to work with yesterday.”

Detective R. D. (Danny) Nutt #69550 / Tarrant County Sheriff's Office / Criminal Investigations Division


"It isn’t often when an underwriter can say they truly have a favorite appraiser; however, you are in that category." 

Valranita E. Burke / Sr. Underwriter / SWBC


 “Big thanks for all your help on this one!”

Susan Doane / Senior VP / W.R. Starkey Mortgage


Hi Chris,

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

All of your help has been amazing. I've been in London for 18 years come Dec 24 and I'm so looking forward to moving back "home". Thankfully due to your excellent work we are several steps closer to realizing that dream!

Very best regards.

Jana & Pete Wilson.


“Awesome! I appreciate the extra effort to get it done. It didn’t go unnoticed.”

Rick J. McFadden / Operations Production Manager / Pulte Mortgage, LLC


“Thank for the great service, Chris!”

Nancy Floyd / Keller Williams North Country


“You’re the one we trust!”

Jennifer Aleman - Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist / DE Underwriter


“YOU ROCK! Thank you so very much!”

Michele Keeland / W.R. Starkey Mortgage


“I’m honored to be associated with you.”

Sammy Gardner / The Frisco Home Center



 Tony Caliendo / Ebby Halliday Realtors


“Thanks Chris! You are the best!”

Troylene Prather / Service First Mortgage


“Thank you for all your help.”

Chris Goodman / SWBC Mortgage




“Thank you for your great service!!”


Jan Halfacre / Enoy Mortgage


“Chris, thank you for all of your time and attention in this matter. I am impressed.”

Kim Roulias / Realtor


“1,000,000 THANK YOU’S for the Enloe rush and the great job you do for us all the time. You are truly the best…”

Tamara Fredriksen / CTX Mortgage - Team Rodney Anderson 


“Chris, That was absolutely great work in getting that appraisal out for us today, in record time. If the lender had let us know sooner we needed one we would not have had to rush it. Anyway, great work and more to come.”

Scott Bailey / H5 Financial


“Thank you so much.  This is why I recommend you in the first place.”





“Bless you, for you have done good.  Thank you very much Chris.”

Hulen Greenhaw / Broker/Associate / Coldwell Banker Apex



 “Thanks for burning the midnight oil.”


“You are amazing!! Thank you so very much for your help!!”


“This is an awesome report. Very thorough and comprehensive. Your time and attention to detail is greatly apprecaited..thank you!”

Heidi McIntosh-Hollis


“You are awesome!”

 Dianne Glenn / W.R. Starkey Mortgage


“You are Awesome!! Thank you!”

Stormi Allen / Operations Manager / Service First Mortgage


“THANK YOU!!!!!! You will make us look great in the eyes of the Keller Williams owner.”

Jan Deitrich / W.R. Starkey Mortgage



Corinne Winward / Loan Processor III Team 7/11/27 / Pulte Mortgage LLC


“Thanks for all your hard work.”




“The appraisal where you used the TEN comps worked perfectly. Without your work on that, the transaction could have never happened. Hats off.”


Marcel Deitrich / W.R. Starkey Mortgage



“Thanks for the quick work!”

Trisha Zaldana / W.R. Starkey Mortgage


“Wow Chris - thanks so much for the fast response!  You’re awesome!”


Liz Sessums




“Thanks Chris!  I appreciate you getting this done so quickly.”


Jim Juergens / W.R. Starkey Mortgage




“Wow!! That’s amazing. Thanks for a super duper rush.  LO will be impressed!!!  And me too!!


Virginia Smith / SFMC


“Thank you so much for finishing this quickly.”

Jeanette Gautney / Generation V Mortgage

“Thank you so much for doing this so quickly!”

Tara McNaughton / SkyBlue Residential Lending


“I just wanted to say thank you for having all the accurate info on the appraisal. It makes my job so much easier! I appreciate you!”

Stormi Allen / Operations Manager / Service First Mortgage


“Thank you for always keeping me updated.. I really appreciate you!!!”

Brandie Barton / D.R. Horton


“You are the best! We appreciate all you do!”

Stephanie Miller



“You are the best. I was making my notes on the Ellis file and as I was going thru the appraisal, noticed it originally sold for $204,000 and is now selling for $191,000. I made a note about a comment and then got to your comments page and there was a comment regarding it!! Thank you!!!!! I love that you know what you are doing!!!”

Stormi Allen / Operations Manager / Service First Mortgage


“You’re absolutely wonderful!!!”

Kristen Carlson / Sr. Loan Officer / WR Starkey Mortgage


“Wow - thank you very much! I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.”

Mary K. Clune / Loan Processor / The Hendrix Team


“Thanks so much Chris.. I hope you get a lot of business from this lead! When I purchase my home next're the one.”

Ruth Ann Cummings / DE Underwriter / W.R. Starkey Mortgage



“You're my hero.”


Jim Juergens / W.R. Starkey